The Arab Fashion Council is dedicated to supporting fashion industry in the Arab region, helping designers and fashion businesses to innovate and commercialize their creativity.


The Arab Fashion Council education mission aims to attract the best talent into the industry by giving students a clear understanding of how to study and train for key roles. To ensure the future growth and success of the Arab fashion industry, the AFC aims to attract, develop and retain talent by:

Enabling high-school students to participate at industry events and workshops to guide them and unveil their talent prior to enrolling in undergraduate courses. 

Involving fashion schools in industry events and the Arab Fashion Week.

Monitoring fashion school’s study plans and frequently updating the system.

Lecturing at fashion schools and public events to enable students to have better understanding of the market. 

Retaining talent post-education by offering graduate traineeships at Arab Fashion Council, Partners offices and affiliated fashion houses. 


Inspired by the power of the millennial born between 1997-2012, our aim is to support our young generation to become business leaders through innovation providing them with the best practice, resources and support.

“Generation Z” is also a fashion show on the Arab Fashion Week official calendar supported by the Arab Fashion Council and enabling talent to showcase their collection in Dubai.


The Arab Fashion Council is committed to provide the Arab talent with educational scholarship to study at our affiliated fashion schools in the Arab region and abroad. The AFC scholarship funds short courses, and full undergraduate and graduate courses. The scholarship call is open once a year through regional competition. 


Whilst in today’s world the fashion industry is one of the most contributors to the global warming, The Arab Fashion Council has founded the AFC GREEN LABEL an initiative which has been launched during the Arab Fashion Week’s 6th edition Dubai, May 2018. 

The objective of the AFC Green Label is to promote the responsible approach to the environment by selecting ethical materials. Aiming for a better tomorrow, AFC sponsors fashion brands from around the world that fulfill AFC’s guidelines for sustainable fashion industry. 

The AFC is committed to support designers who follow the AFC positive fashion guideline in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Admitted brands are sponsored to showcase their collection to a big audience during the fashion week which aim to promote to the public an alternative choice toward a more responsible industry. 


The Arab Fashion Council offer through its partnership programme consulting services in the field of manufacturing, brand image, marketing, import and export, celebrities endorsement, business planning, strategic planning and investment pitch.


The AFC Charity programmes is managed in partnership with credible third parties that pass our compliance monitoring. It supports cultural growth programmes in the field of human rights, raising awareness about important subjects, helping less fortunate families in finding business in the fashion sector, training women to enroll in the business market and develop education at the refugee camps and in Africa. 

The Arab Fashion Council’s donate 5% of its revenue to selected organization. 


The Arab Fashion Council no longer focus on women empowerment but on highlighting the Arab Women Achievements through dedicated programs that mentor the determined women in the region in achieving their cultural and business goals. The AFC Women Achievements programme support those women to enroll in the business market, succeed and be a ideal example to their society. 


In line with the United Nation vision, the Arab Fashion Council promotes peace initiatives in the Region by support qualified programmes through know-how, endorsement, media support or funding. 

We believe in the power of art and culture as the ultimate key to a sustainable peace.



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