The Arab Fashion Council (AFC) is the world’s largest not-for-profit organization dedicated to establishing a comprehensive fashion system, the Pipeline, unifying the 22 Arab countries under a single umbrella. 

AFC’s vision is to foster a creative economy based on knowledge and production, leveraging the industry’s collective expertise, experience, and resources. Founded on May 28th, 2015, under the UAE federal law number 37, article 16 of 1992 (registration number 234932), the AFC serves as the authoritative representative of the fashion industry across the Arab nations. The AFC receives its support from industry patrons and commercial sponsors who enable us to lead the industry through creative influence and strategic initiatives, ensuring the Arab fashion industry’s prominent position in the global fashion economy.

The AFC’s strategic pillars revolve around an economy centered on creative knowledge within the Arab Fashion system, reputation, education, sustainability, and fashion for humanity. Our primary focus is establishing a cohesive fashion system within the region, particularly emphasizing education and cultural development. This initiative promotes cultural diversity and supports the creative industry’s growth, aligning with the activities undertaken by the UNESCO Office in Doha.

At the forefront of our efforts, the AFC has redefined the luxury market by introducing a groundbreaking term in the fashion lexicon: Ready-Couture. This concept alone commands over 70% of the luxury market share, illustrating our influential role in shaping the industry’s landscape.

Furthermore, as a testament to our commitment to promoting Arab creativity globally, the Arab Fashion Council founded Arab Fashion Week as the leading fashion platform representing Arab countries, which on the 7th of February has been rebranded into Dubai Fashion Week and co-founded by Dubai Design District (d3) making it the official fashion week of Dubai which provides Arab brands with a unique opportunity to showcase their creative work to a worldwide audience.



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