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Empowering the Fashion Industry: The Arab Fashion Council Scholarship Program
Arab Fashion Council - Domus Academy - Unesco - Jacob Abrian - Marc Ledermann

In 2015, the Arab Fashion Council (AFC) launched a groundbreaking initiative to nurture the next generation of fashion talent. The AFC Scholarship Program has since become a beacon of hope for aspiring fashion students, offering fully paid scholarships to prestigious fashion schools across the Arab region, Europe, and the USA. With a mission to provide world-class education to deserving individuals within the fashion sector, the program has propelled talented students toward successful careers in the industry.

Unlocking Opportunities for Promising Students:
The AFC Scholarship Program catalyzes change, breaking down barriers and opening doors for talented individuals who may not have had the means to pursue their dreams otherwise. By awarding fully paid scholarships for bachelor’s and master’s degrees, the program ensures that financial constraints do not hinder passionate students from accessing quality education in the fashion field.

Alia Abou Faaour: From Scholarship Recipient to Educator:
One shining example of the AFC Scholarship Program’s impact is Alia Abou Faaour. Alia, a passionate fashion enthusiast from Amman, was awarded a scholarship to pursue her studies at the prestigious Istituto Marangoni in Milan. With the support of the scholarship, Alia obtained exceptional training and exposure to the global fashion scene. Today, she is an educator at a fashion school in Amman, passing on her knowledge and expertise to aspiring fashion students. Alia’s journey from scholarship recipient to educator is a testament to the program’s ability to foster growth and enable individuals to become influential figures within the industry.

Mohammad Hazem Rezq from Saudi Arabia: From Scholarship Recipient to Fashion Market Editor at Vogue Arabia:

Another success story that emerged from the AFC Scholarship Program is Mohammad Hazem Rezq. Mohammad was awarded a full Master’s degree scholarship in Fashion Management at Domus Academy in Milan, where he honed his skills and developed a deep understanding of the fashion industry. Equipped with the knowledge gained through the program, Mohammad now holds a pivotal role as a Fashion Editor at Vogue Arabia. His journey exemplifies the program’s ability to shape individuals into industry leaders and provide them with the platform to contribute to the fashion world significantly.

Fostering a Stronger Fashion Ecosystem:

The AFC Scholarship Program’s impact extends beyond individual success stories. By investing in talented students and enabling them to receive top-tier education, the program strengthens the fashion ecosystem within the Arab region and beyond. In addition, the scholarship recipients bring their newfound expertise, innovative ideas, and fresh perspectives back to their home countries, enriching the local fashion scene and contributing to its growth and development.


Since its inception in 2015, the Arab Fashion Council Scholarship Program has played a transformative role in the lives of talented fashion students. The program has empowered individuals who would have otherwise faced financial barriers to access world-class education by offering fully paid scholarships at prestigious fashion schools. Through the program, exceptional talents like Alia Abou Faaour and Mohammad Hazem Rezq have emerged, now holding influential positions within the fashion industry. As the AFC Scholarship Program continues to provide opportunities for aspiring fashion professionals, it promises to shape the future of the fashion landscape, fostering creativity, innovation, and excellence within the Arab region and beyond.