From vision to reality: AFC’s Ambitious plan to position Arab Fashion at the global forefront. 

The Arab Fashion Council (AFC) has a long-term vision for 2030 revolves around establishing a robust fashion pipeline in the Arab world. This vision involves creating an Arab system for fashion infrastructure, which will serve as the primary driver for positioning the region as a leader in the fashion industry. The AFC aims to make the fashion industry a central pillar of the regional creative economy.

To achieve this, the AFC envisions categorizing the 22 countries into three industrial clusters. The Arab North African countries will form the Raw Materials and Textile cluster, focusing on the production of materials and textiles required for the fashion industry. The Levant Middle East countries will constitute the Garment Manufacturing Cluster, specializing in the production of garments and apparel. Lastly, the Arab Gulf countries will form the Marketing and Merchandise cluster, focusing on marketing, branding, and merchandising activities.

By establishing these clusters and leveraging the strengths of each region, the AFC aims to create a comprehensive and interconnected fashion ecosystem within the Arab world. This approach enables efficient utilization of resources, promotes specialization, and enhances collaboration among countries. Ultimately, the AFC’s vision for the fashion system seeks to propel the Arab region to the forefront of the global fashion industry while driving economic growth and fostering creativity throughout the region.