The Arab Fashion Council (AFC) aspires to become one of the leading Influential programs in the UAE, the Gulf, the Arab world, and internationally. 

Situated at the cultural intersection between Asia and Africa, The AFC aims to be a centre of visual dialogue between the Fine Arts Students and the University.  

The AFC aspires to be a centre of excellence that provides superior design and art teaching, research and creative discovery as well as for exhibiting artworks. 

The Arab Fashion Council strives to achieve the following goals in affiliation with all educational institutions.

  1. Provide students with educational knowledge in the field of Design and Fine Arts, through hands-on Workshops, and the end of the Course Presentation with an influence to Interior Architecture, Graphics, technology, Multimedia and Fashion Design. 
  2. The Arab Fashion Council (The AFC) Certificate and recommendation letter will be rewarded to all students who have completed the course 
  3. To invite qualified fine arts and design professionals, who can play a part in educating students on experiences in the Fine Arts industry through a Socratic circle approach. The topics will cover executive and professional careers in various art institutions such as galleries, presentations and art foundations
  4. Develop art and design studies through research collaboration and cooperation with universities and academic institutions in the UAE and at the regional and international levels.
  5. Contribute to the cultural and social progress of the university as a whole by responding to its needs through an effective partnership with The Arab Fashion Councils platform and international partners, affiliates.
  6. Respect, preserve and emphasize the Arab, Islamic culture and community’s ethics in all of the tasks undertaken by the College in collaboration with The AFC, whether at the level of teaching, scientific research or community service.
  7. Raise the quality of Fashion education by developing cooperation with other higher education institutions Regionally and internationally through the adoption of best practices in teaching and learning (advising on the best study plan).
  8. Develop the qualifications and skills of design students, preparing college graduates in the local, regional and international levels by linking the graduates with the market’s needs and through programs of continuing education and training.

The mission of the Arab Fashion Council is to provide students with the professional experience of the highest standards and to provide a comprehensive and specialized program in the field of Fashion and Design. The Arab Fashion Council is committed to contributing to the development of society in line with the values, heritage and culture of the Arab and Muslim community while striving for the development of Fashion and Design education and research in the United Arab Emirate and global outreach.

The Arab Fashion Council aims to help and influence graduates to become leaders in their chosen fields.