The Arab Fashion Council (AFC) aims to be a leading program in the Arab world and globally, serving as a center of excellence for design, teaching, research, and creative discovery. Through collaborations with educational institutions, the AFC provides academic knowledge and practical Design and Fine Arts workshops, covering various fields such as Interior Architecture, Graphics, Multimedia, and Fashion Design. Participants who complete the course receive the AFC Certificate and recommendation letter.

The AFC also invites industry professionals to share their experiences in art institutions, fostering career development in the Fine Arts industry. In addition, research collaborations and partnerships with universities contribute to advancing art and design studies. 

To enhance Fashion education, the AFC cooperates with regional and international institutions, adopting best practices in teaching and learning. The focus is on developing students’ skills and qualifications, aligning them with market needs through continued education and training programs. Ultimately, the AFC’s mission is to provide the participants with a comprehensive Fashion and Design program, preparing them to become leaders in their respective fields to unlock their Potential, and Excel in their careers.