The Arab Fashion Council Pillars: Investment, Manufacturing, Peace, Art & Culture, Creative Economy, and Talent Development.

The Arab Fashion Council is built upon a strong foundation, represented by its pillars known as IMPACT: Investment, Manufacturing, Peace, Art & Culture, Creative Economy, and Talent Development. These pillars embody the core values and principles that drive the council’s mission and shape its vision for the fashion industry’s future in the Arab world.


Investment: The Arab Fashion Council recognizes the importance of investment in nurturing and supporting the growth of the fashion ecosystem. By fostering strategic partnerships and attracting investments, the council aims to provide resources and opportunities that enable the development of innovative fashion businesses and initiatives.


Manufacturing: The council acknowledges the significance of a robust manufacturing sector in driving the region’s fashion industry. By promoting the establishment of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and supporting sustainable practices, the council strives to strengthen the manufacturing capabilities of Arab countries and create a competitive edge in the global fashion market.


Peace: Peace is a fundamental pillar that underpins the council’s commitment to fostering harmony and unity. The council believes that the fashion industry can serve as a bridge between cultures and a catalyst for promoting peace and understanding. Therefore, the council seeks to harness fashion’s transformative power to build bridges and celebrate diversity by encouraging collaborations, cultural exchanges, and dialogue.


Art & Culture: The Arab Fashion Council recognizes the rich heritage and cultural diversity of the Arab world. Embracing art and culture as inspiration, the council aims to preserve and promote traditional craftsmanship, indigenous textiles, and cultural narratives within the fashion industry. By blending heritage with innovation, the council envisions a fashion landscape that showcases the region’s unique identity.


Creative Economy: The council acknowledges the immense potential of the creative economy as a driver of economic growth and job creation. By nurturing entrepreneurship, supporting creative talents, and fostering a favorable business environment, the council strives to position the Arab fashion industry as a vibrant and thriving sector within the broader creative economy.


Talent Development: The Arab Fashion Council greatly emphasizes nurturing and developing talent. The council aims to cultivate a new generation of fashion professionals with the skills, knowledge, and vision to shape the industry’s future by providing educational programs, mentorship opportunities, and platforms for emerging designers.


In conclusion, the IMPACT pillars of the Arab Fashion Council embody the values and principles that drive its mission to elevate the Arab fashion industry. Through investment, manufacturing, peace, art & culture, creative economy, and talent development, the council envisions a dynamic and sustainable fashion ecosystem that contributes to the region’s economic growth, fosters peace, celebrates cultural diversity, and empowers creative talents to thrive.