COVID-19 Updates

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Business Bulletin 

Fashion Designers, Cosmetic brands and Industry Suppliers are called to join the AFC emergency network to join forces under a new initiative called #AThread4Cause, managed by Arab Fashion Council’s charitable arm. The initiative enables the AFC members of designers, brands and companies, to be involved in supporting the community by producing what is required for the health care network in terms of shortage in PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). Contributing members are set to produce at their facilities important products such as surgical masks, isolation gowns, and hoodies as well as locally made sanitizers. 

The Arab Fashion Council’s role focuses on carefully selecting its members and volunteers after screening their potential capacity in producing the required equipment, and providing them with the know-how and specification to start production in full compliance with the health authorities. This is to be done in full compliance with the specifications and standards required by WHO.

We’d like to hear from you so that we may communicate your means of support to the relevant authorities. Please fill up the below application or reach out to us on

Offer Coronavirus (COVID-19) support from your business

Use this survey to tell us how your business might be able to help with the response to coronavirus.

The support needed includes thing like:

  • medical testing equipment
  • medical equipment design
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers, such as masks, gowns and sanitizer…etc, detailed list is available.
  • hotel rooms
  • transport and logistics, for moving goods or people
  • manufacturing equipments
  • warehouse or office space, for medical use or storage
  • expertise or support on IT, manufacturing, construction, project management, procurement, engineering or communications
  • social care or childcare

You will be asked some questions about the type of support you can give. You will then be contacted as soon as possible if your support is needed.
You may be requested for your company registration number if you are a business. 

Get in touch:

Request for business intelligence: How is COVID-19 impacting businesses?
AFC is engaging directly with the government in order to ensure the challenges facing our industry are articulated to the government. We’d like to hear from you so that we may communicate your specific concerns back to our government colleagues.

Please reach out to us on