TERMS AND CONDITIONS for the fashion brands wishing to submit their membership application to become an ordinary member of the Arab Fashion Council.


In order to join the Arab Fashion Council you must first make sure that your business qualify the requirement for avoiding the rejection of your application. According to the AFC Act, article n.21, “no person shall become a member of the Council unless that person has completed an application for membership in a form agreed by the higher management and approved by the directors and met the requirements described below.



a. Not have been convicted of civil and / or criminal penalties;  b. Your business should be in line with the payment of taxes and duties.  c. A member of the Arab Fashion Council in order to qualify should be: (1) National (2) Resident (3) Origins (4) Having Business with one of the countries members of the Arab League. d. Your business should be registered (i.e. incorporated) in one of the 22 Arabic countries members of the Arab League.


The annual feels for the Brands/ Maisons varies according to the annual turnover; below is the structure: QUOTE SECTION I II III-AFC   DOCUMENTS NEEDED (a) Copy of the Passport of the Applicant (b) Trade License (c) Catalogue of the latest collection (d) Motivation Letter © Arab Fashion Council, 2015, All Rights Reserved