Inline with our vision, the Arab Fashion Council organises and endorses a series of fashion industry events that enables the designers to benefit from the growing market in the Arab region. We support also international events that fits the AFC vision and strategy.

arab fashion week

The Arab Fashion Week is the AFC’s landmark event and the only official fashion week in the Arab world. It is hosted twice a year in Dubai and recognised on the international map of fashion being one of the world’s five most important fashion events alongside the fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris. 


THESHOWSHOP is a new concept the compliments the fashion business and culture in the Middle East, merging the traditional designers showrooms into the trending Pop-Up Shops under a single platform. It enables designers to meet the B2B buyers and the B2C clientele in a fully managed platform. It is hosted twice a year in Dubai in parallel with the Arab Fashion Week.  


A series of fashion talks, conferences and workshops hosted either n parallel with the Arab Fashion Week or standalone events. The aim of the fashion summits is to enable the industry plays to discuss the latests challenges the industry is facing and finding the best practice into navigating those challenging. In addition, it provides strong business network and introduction to new innovation and tools that boost the business of our members. 


Designers Related Initiatives


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