The AFC’s long-term vision for 2030 is to establish a fashion pipeline in the Arab world, by creating an Arab system for the fashion infrastructure which per se will be the main driver for positioning the region as a leader in the fashion industry and likewise the fashion industry as a main pillar for the regional creative economy. 

The system envisions categorizing the 22 countries into 3 industrial clusters:

Arab North African Countries into the Raw Materials and Textile cluster.

Levant Middle East Countries into the Garment Manufacturing Cluster.

Arab Gulf Countries into the Marketing and Merchandise cluster.

The Arab Fashion Council’s vision 2030 relies on the following key pillars:

1- Positioning the Arab region on the international map of fashion, through organizing the Arab Fashion Week which is recognized already as one of world’s 5 most important fashion weeks alongside to New York, London, Milan, and Paris.

2- Supporting the regional manufacturing infrastructure and promoting the regionally made products to the world. 

3- Attracting international brands to manufacture and set up their business in the region. 

4- Establishing a world-class fashion educative system and providing students annual scholarships to continue their education in Fashion Design and Management. 

5- Investing in talent and supporting them with a proper mentorship programme.

6- Supporting regional talent to achieve international recognition through International partnership programme and positioning.

7- Creating job vacancies for the Arab citizen through investing their know-how in the creative-industrial system. 

8- Achieve peace in the Middle East through elevating the level of knowledge in arts and design.

9- Achieve a sustainable fashion eco-system in the Arab region.