The ARAB FASHION COUNCIL  is structured on 6 main pillars that guarantee the success and long life of the association aiming always to assist and protect its members.

Arab Fashion Council - Council Formation

– Higher Management is formed from the Higher Management’s Honorary President Cav. Mario Boselli, Board of Directors who are the Chief Officers of different departments & Board of Advisers having the duty of running the council, regulation and strategic planning.

– Honorary Presidents is formed out of the Arabic Ladies from the Royal/Ruling families selected through invitation according to their notability, achievements in public sector and background. Their duty is to make sure that her country is well represented. Each Lady will act as the Honorary President of the Council in her Country.

– Honorary Pioneers are those public notable figures whose work has given important contribution to the civil society, charity and the Fashion industry.

– Ambassadors are those people who represent the image of the Arab Fashion Council, only admitted by invitation.

– Associated Members are all the artists, designers, companies that are subscribed as ordinary associates to the Arab Fashion Council.

– Board of Deputies a board elected by the members to represent their voice at the council and attend the assemblies with the higher management.