Roberto Rossi Gandolfi works as an executive in the editorial field for Italian and international companies. Innovative and imaginative, his 25+-year career stands out for consistently driving growth in the editorial field and the creation of some of the most important editorial phenomena in the fashion, entertainment, automotive and music businesses. An expansive thinker with keen analytical and problem solving skills and an ability to manage multiple, concurrently running projects. 

Some of the positions he has covered include: COO for the fashion and art magazine RODEO, CEO for the Swiss foundation that publishes NOMAD, the design, style and international fashion magazine, COO for the editorial group that produces GREY, the international six-monthly fashion and luxury review, Editor-in-Chief and partner of the British editorial group that publishes the international magazine INTERSECTION (cars, style and fashion). During his career, Roberto Rossi Gandolfi has also managed numerous magazines in a variety of sectors, including  Capital and Yacht Design, Gente and Motori, Playboy, T3. He is currently the Editor in chief for the fashion magazine Urban, Editorial director of the lifestyle website Bugatti, Editor of VO+, the international magazine devoted to the luxury, fashion and jewellery world.