Regulations, Terms and Conditions for the Press Accreditation;

Arab Fashion Council Events



To the purpose of the present Regulations the following are referred to as:

a) Journalist: any professional (i.e.. journalist, free-lance journalist, TV/Radio staff, photographer, cameraman, etc.) working even occasionally and/or in whatever capacity (i.e: staffer, free-lance journalist, etc.), in the media (i.e.: newspapers, magazines, periodicals, press agencies, TV, web, etc.);

b) Accreditation: the authorization to have access to events and facilities (i.e.: press rooms, fashion centers, etc.) run by the Arab Fashion Council (henceforth “AFC”) granted to Journalists by AFC itself, whereas the access to events (i.e.: fashion shows, Show Room presentations, events, etc.) organized by the single Fashion Firms always requires the Fashion Firm’s invitation sent out to the individual Journalist.




The purpose of the present Regulations is to lay down the rules according to which Press Accreditations are granted by AFC.



3.1 AFC grants the Accreditation to each Journalist as a result of a selection based on a discretionary assessment according to the criteria specified below.


3.2 AFC determines the maximum number of Accreditations it wants to grant to Journalists for each event and, if applications should be in excess, it will select at its discretion the Journalists to be accredited. AFC can change at any time and at its discretion the number of Accreditations it wants to grant.

3.3 AFC rates the publications (i.e.: print, press agencies, broadcast, web, photographic agencies, etc.) for which the Journalists are always supposed to certify and demonstrate they are working, irrespective of the type of collaboration (i.e.: as staffer and/ or free-lance journalist, etc.). The Journalists who request the accreditation will be liable for false statements, and AFC will in any case be entitled to verify at any time the truthfulness of their statements.


3.4 AFC rates the personal credentials declared by and/or at any rate well known of each Journalist who is supposed to:

a) Carry out his/her activity mainly, if not exclusively; in the Fashion sector;

b) Work for the media covering the Fashion business, which are already known in the industry and already operating, and are at any rate approved by AFC;

c) Submit the relevant documentation requested by AFC in order to prove one’s professional qualifications (i.e.: press card, etc.) as well as one’s working relationship with the media he/she represents (i.e.: editor’s letter, certification by the head of the editorial office, etc.);

d) Have suitable credentials in terms of compliance with one’s professional ethics as well as integrity, loyalty and fairness, also in the relations with one’s colleagues working in the Fashion sector, as well with AFC and its members;

e) Have complied with the rules governing the access to the press areas (i.e.: press rooms, fashion show centers, etc.) and the participation to the events organized by Fashion Firms and/or those who operate in the fashion industry (i.e.: fashion shows, Show Room presentations, image and communication events of any kind, etc.).

3.5 In particular, Journalists shall have and/or have had a civil and correct behavior in the areas dedicated to the press and/or the events organized by Fashion Firms. They shall also comply with the rules set by the organizers/managers of these locations, like for instance occupying only the assigned place (i.e.: seating or standing place) and using only the space and equipment assigned (i.e.: desks, computers, printers, telephones, etc.), entering these locations only with the accreditations and/or invitations received, and always without disturbing and/or interfering with the activities of other persons who might be present on these locations (i.e.: other Journalists, cameramen, press agents, staff, etc.).



AFC can cancel the Press Accreditation, at its own discretion, at any time, without giving any reason for it. In any case, failure to comply with even only one of the accreditation criteria according to Art. 3 above is considered as just cause for the cancellation of the Accreditation..



5.1 AFC will enforce the present Regulations through its own press office, which shall:

a) Collect and file the Press Accreditation requests, in compliance with the provisions about data confidentiality;

b) Get documents together about every Press Accreditation request submitted by the Journalist in connection with each event;

c) Grant the Press Accreditations to the Journalists who meet the requirements provided for by the Clauses from 3.1 to 3.5 above;

d) Present the Committee of AFC with the list of the Journalists proposed to be refused the Accreditation, indicating the reason for it in the cases indicated by Clause 5.1 c);

e) Inform the Journalist about the granted or refused Accreditations;

f) Make sure that the persons in charge with the granting of Accreditations at the press rooms are informed about the accredited and non-accredited Journalists, and are therefore able to implement the decisions made by AFC regarding Accreditations;

g) Keep the official lists according to the article 3.1 and 3.2 above.

5.2 In the cases provided for by Clause 5.1 d) above, the decision regarding the granting of the Accreditations will be a privilege of the Committee of AFC.