After she has been incubated by the Arab Fashion Council, Rafeea Al Hajsi has made history to become the First Emirati Model and a revolutionary figure on the local fashion scene in the United Arab Emirates, she received the (Best Model Of The Year Award) in Arab Fashion Week 2017.
In 12th of October 2016, Rafeaa has been featured on Emirates Woman as one of Emirati Women that made history. Read the article on Emirates Woman by clicking here.
On the 29th of November 2017, Rafeaa has been featured as one of the 15th Emiratis who are shaping the contemporary identity of the United Arab Emirates. Read the article on Gulf News by clicking here.
In addition, she works as a TV Presenter on a variety of programs that are scaled among the strongest programs in the region. Rafeea is considered as a primary personnel in presenting as an Emirati in the Middle East, nevertheless, she was requested to act in primary roles in different series and shows along with her current job, which gives her a strong and charismatic personality to become an ambassador representing her country with pride. In December 2017, Rafeaa has been appointed as the Arab Fashion Council’s Ambassador.
Rafeaa Al Hajsi- Arab Fashion Council