TERMS AND CONDITIONS for the Model Agencies wishing to submit their membership application to become an ordinary member of the Arab Fashion Council and receive the endorsement and approval of the Council.


In order to join the Arab Fashion Council you must first make sure that you qualify the requirement for avoiding the rejection of your application. According to the AFC Act, article n.21, “no person shall become a member of the Council unless that person has completed an application for membership in a form agreed by the higher management and approved by the directors and met the requirements described below.



a. Not have been convicted of civil and / or criminal penalties; 

b. Be in line with the payment of taxes and duties (If VAT is applicable in your country). 

c. Satisfy the ethical and professional requirements to be be acknowledged as a ”Serious Model Agency”

Each association request will be carefully evaluated and approved by the Governing Board of the Arab Fashion Council. “ 

d. Be a registered company in one of the Arab Countries, 22, members of the Arab League.

e. Have on the main board ”Professional Models” that satisfy the standards of the Council

f. Be an existing Agency with and existing office (Virtual Offices are not accepted and inspection might follow by the Council)


a. Since the moment you become an approved associated member to apply only the standard Model’s Contract provided by the Arab Fashion Council.

b. Follow the instructions of the Arab Fashion Council regarding the physical standards of the Models and Health Priorities

c. All the approved models of your main board must register and become and associated member of the Arab Fashion Council

e. For the models to be approved we must receive their book as well they must present on appointment at the Council or via a web conference

d. Mention on their composite that Your Management is approved by the Council

e. It is prohibited to use the Logo of the Council on the Page or Composite Card of a non-approved model.

d. Each registered model should have the Models ID Card provided by the Council

g. Apply the new tax policies (Agency Commission) of 40% for foreign models and 20% for Arab Models


The annual fees for the Models Agency is 2500$ payed once each year.

The approved models has to pay 300$ annually.



(a) Copy of the booker’s passport

(b) Trade License

(c) Motivation Letter

(e) Images for the provided accommodation (if applicable) including bedrooms and kitchen

(f) Images for the Agency’s Office

(g) Current layout of one Composite Card (for one model only)

(h) Current utilised contract for exclusive models


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