Madam Hikmat is a well respected, international, successful business woman with diverse interests in life and in business. She began her career as a Board Executive for the Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development while simultaneously starting her first of many entrepreneurial ventures being a board member of various holding companies and schools in Dubai. She is a notable social figure, loving mother, and wife as well as a highly influential businesswoman. She has largely shaped the face of Dubai’s tourism market with her various ventures and took a stance for women being treating equally in industry. Saying that Hikmat has been chosen to be the face of several international fashion brands to reflect the image of a successful and elegant Arabic lady. In addition, to her successful curriculum she, Hikmat has always had a desire to create change, which is reflected in her work with many charities, among them, a few to mention: Make a Wish Foundation, Oil Baron, Oxfam, and Face Forward, …etc..