George Edde

Film Production Pioneer

George Edde, President of KES, is an investment banker who brings his relationships with Hollywood stars and agents as well as his knowledge of financial techniques to the film industry, financial world and oil and gas industry. Upon completing his business management studies at UCLA, Mr. Edde was invited to Saudi Arabia by King Fahd to consult with and advise the Royal Family. After twelve years with the Royal Family in Saudi Arabia, Mr. Edde was invited to act as a business consultant to the King and Royal Family of Qtar where he remained for two additional years.

Following his engagement in Qatar, Mr. Edde embarked on various entrepreneurial and consulting engagements. Mr. Edde has throughout the years retained strong ties and relationships in the Middle East. Mr. Edde has been financing films since his first movie Brenda Starr, which featured Brooke Shields in 1986. Since that time he has been involved in financing and marketing over 22 major motion pictures including Stephen King’s Sleepwalkers, Universal Soldier and many others Mr. Edde also has a background in international film distribution. Mr. Edde has worked with and has excellent relationships with major Hollywood talent. His command of the financing world, combined with his marketing and distribution skills and his special relationship with stars, makes him well-suited for the film industry, as well as industries such as oil and gas, precious metals and finance. Currently, Mr. Edde is partners with Max Keller and Micheline Keller in Keller Edde Studios, Inc. See