Designer Application | Arab Fashion Week

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This is the first phase of the Designer's Application to be candidate for participating at the Arab Fashion Week, Spring - summer 2016. 

Ready Couture/ DUBAI from October 31 to November 2 - 2015.

PART 1 Brand Details

Brand Name:*
Country Base:*

PART 2 Designer Details

Designer Name:*
Direct Tel:*
Direct E-mail:*
Is the Brand composed of more than designer?*

If the brand is composed of more than one designer please specify their names and contact information (Applicable)

Other Designers

PART 3 Company Details

Company Name:*
Company Structure:*
Office Tel:*
Office Fax:

PART 4 Product Information

Product Category:*
Product Description:

On the behalf of the brand mentioned above I/we wish to be considered for

Please select what applies:*

PART 5 Business Activity Details

Length of time in Business (in years)*
Number of Employees:*
Annual Turnover for 2014 in USD $:*
Annual Sales (Wholesales) in USD $:*
Type of Manufacturing:*
Country of Manufacturing:*

PART 6 Sales Activity

Product price range (USD $ only)

Sales Agents in the Middle East (if you don't have please write none)*

PART 7 Stockists Information

Do you have your brand owned boutique somewhere in the world?*

If (yes) please provide the address and contact number

Shop Address:
Shop Tel:
International Shops, please include for each shop name and city:

PART 8 Motivation

Why would you like to participate at the Arab Fashion Week Edition of 31 OCT - 2 NOV 2015, Dubai? *
Do you have a future plan?
If yes please upload the business plan:(max Upload size 10 mb)

PART 9 Portfolio

Please list the last three experiences including participations at Fashion Week; (Indicate City, Collection (SS or FW, Year):*

Please upload five images from your spring/summer 2015 collection to support your application

Please note that each image should be less than 1MB and be of JPG or PNG format

Image 1:
Image 2:
Image 3:
Image 4:
Image 5:

PART 10 Referees

Please provide two referees contact details

They might be contacted by the council in case your application will be short listed

Referee 1

Name (1st Referee):*
Company (1st Referee):*
Job Title (1st Referee):*

Referee 2

Name (2nd Referee):*
Company (2nd Referee):*
Job Title (2nd Referee):*
Phone (2nd Referee):*
Tell us how did you hear about the Arab Fashion Week?*

PART 11 Terms and Conditions

I agree that I have read, understood and will abide by the terms and conditions for participating at the Arab Fashion Week

I Agree*
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