Founder of Fashion 4 Development, United Nations

Evie Evangelou is the President and Founder of Fashion 4 Development (F4D) a global organisation founded in 2011 in cooperation with the office of the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon to support the UN GOALS and Every Woman and Every Child, the UN initiative spearheaded by UN SG. In addition, Evie is the the Founding partner of Sustainia Living. She first introduced F4D’s global awareness campaign and the First Ladies Luncheon initiative in 2011, inspired by her career in the international arena of cultural diplomacy and international relations, specializing in Entertainment, Arts, Fashion, Beauty, Travel and Tourism, and Trade Development. Previously, Evie served as interim Deputy Secretary General for the World Federation of the United Nations in NYC, where she worked with more than 100 UN Member States and Countries and Missions, as well as numerous non-governmental bodies focused on education, cultural affairs and humanitarian causes. She received the appointment by Kensaku Hogen, a former Under Secretary General of the United Nations Department of Public Information, as a Special Consultant for Cultural and Educational Affairs and programs within UNDPI, one of the nine departments comprising the United Nations Secretariat. She was also appointed as a strategic consultant to the special representative of the UN Secretary-General for the United Nations themes “Dialogue among Civilizations and Diversity is Beautiful”. Throughout her career she has received acknowledgements by the U.S. Senate and honored by several international governments as well as served as Goodwill Ambassador. In 2013, Fashion Group International presented Evie Evangelou with the Humanitarian Award for her work of creating positive social change for humanity.

 Fashion 4 Development (F4D) is a private sector global platform that launched in 2011 in cooperation with the Office of the UN Secretary-General. F4D supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and “Every Woman, Every Child” the Initiative spearheaded by the former Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon. The mission is to harness the power of the fashion and beauty industries and implement creative strategies for sustainable economic growth, wellness and independence of communities worldwide as well as the preservation of environment and culture.  Its guiding principles are the 4E’s:  Educate, Empower, Enhance and Enrich. F4D’s tag line is “Giving Back is the New Luxury.”  Fashion 4 Development’s message is being received with open arms around the world.