Daniela Shaw, Founder of Fashion Me Ltd, Project Director of fashion-themed Chinese hit show “I, Supermodel” season 2 and season 3, Overseas Representative/News Reporter of ‘ Fashion China’ program broadcasted on GXTV in China. Fashion shows, international national beauty pageant competition, and events producers.

Daniela joined the production company of “I, Supermodel” in 2015 as Project Director, responsible for the fashion-related resource input in season 2 and season 3, which were mainly filmed in UK and USA respectively, later web-broadcasted on www.iqiyi.com in China. Daniela has brought many international celebrities to the program, including Miss J Alexander, Nyle DiMarco etc. The program has become one the most watched fashion-themed reality shows in China.

Since 2012, Daniela has been working as overseas representative/news reporter of Fashion China program broadcasted on GXTV to bring overseas fashion news, runway shows to the Chinese audience.